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AJS Total Truck Gear - Bullbar Wedge Lock System

Wedge Lock

Flick the toggle switch and lower your bullbar instantly with no straining or tools, with manual back up for emergencies! No Eyebolts - perform routine maintenance anywhere anytime! Specially designed hinges and anti-vibration material to ensure rattle free operation.

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Why choose us?

Our Objectives for our Customers

At AJ’s Total Truck Gear we have 20 years experience with designing and testing heavy duty and reliable truck Bullbars and Bumpers. We are continually improving our expert designs and finishes by sourcing new methods and updating our systems.

Truck Bullbar and Bumpers since 1994

Our services also encompasses fuel tank repairs, modifications and conversions, minor and major Bullbar and Bumper repairs including insurance claims, metal polishing, as well as all the extra accessories necessary for your Bullbars & Bumpers!

Qualtiy Designs & Workmanship

The Bullbars shown in our product range are just the base of what we can do here at AJ's Total Truck Gear. We can customize most of our Bullbars & Bumpers to suit varying trucking needs and desires. Always finishing with our A Grade manufacturing, polishing and eye for detail.

In-house Polishing & Delivery Australia Wide


Need a polish up to bring your truck back to its former glory! At AJ’s Total Truck Gear we can do it - polishing of wheels, bars, tanks and tool boxes. We can also polish anything Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel or Alloy - there is no job too big or small!

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Here at AJ’s Total Truck Gear we specialize in repairing damaged Bullbars and Bumpers from minor to major damage. Channel straightening, replacing posts & tubes, filling holes and repairing scratches & scuffs.

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Can't see it, just ask as we can customise to meet your needs. Click on the link below to view some of our customisation jobs.

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At AJ’s Total Truck Gear we can supply you with all of your accessories for your Bullbar or Bumper. From Driving Lights & LED Light Bars, Signs & Covers, to Eyebolts, Helper Springs & Aerial Tags. We also have a range of Tank Parts & Polishing Supplies available in stock and ready for shipping!

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